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Confident At Your Core: Restoring the Confident Self

Lack of confidence is unnatural.

In our pursuit of confidence, there's a common misconception that it must be acquired or built from external sources. In reality, confidence isn't a quality we have to gain; it's a very natural aspect of our being. Have you ever observed a baby? They ooze pure confidence. They babble, expecting us to understand them, crawl like a freight train toward what they want, and charmingly coo until we coo back.

Along life’s journey, we experience wounds that cause us to lose touch with our confident selves. Our confidence can get weighed down by pain and distorted thinking as a result of trauma, or, as a protective measure, we banish our confidence to shield against bullying and abuse.

Reclaiming self-confidence starts with recognizing the origin story of our confidence. Identifying the injurious roots of our diminished confidence is crucial to regaining it. By pinpointing the moments that led to the loss of access to this core aspect of ourselves, we embark on a journey of conscious self-discovery. This involves unraveling the layers of protective mechanisms we've built over time and rediscovering the resilient, confident self that has always been within.

For those who have undergone trauma, restoring confidence with the support of a trained therapist can be especially helpful— providing support, understanding, and expertise to navigate the complexities of personal healing. They offer a secure, collaborative space to address and heal the experiences that caused the exile of confidence, guiding individuals on an empowering journey back to self-assurance.

Trust in the natural design of human resilience, enabling healing and a full restoration to the brilliant, confident, and authentic self, ready to shine brightly once again.

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