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Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.

- Martin Luther King Jr.


​Are you struggling with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed? Is unresolved trauma making you feel on edge and stuck in the past? Tired of always being the 'responsible one' putting others ahead of yourself? Do you have a highly anxious, high-achieving teen who'd benefit from talking to a therapist? In need of grief support after experiencing a major loss?

My practice is dedicated to helping people get to the root of their issues so they can finally experience the recovery they've been longing for. I provide practical, helpful tools you can start using right away to:

  • feel more grounded, safe, and present

  • practice self-care and self-compassion

  • reclaim ownership of your life

  • build healthy, balanced relationships

The work is deep and evidence-based so the changes are noticeable, and at the same time it is client-centered so you stay behind the wheel of your healing journey. 


I use a highly-effective therapeutic approach to help clients heal from:

  • post-traumatic stress

  • self-criticism, perfectionism, imposter syndrome & other sabotaging mindsets

  • complicated grief

  • partner infidelity and affair betrayal 

  • childhood trauma and emotional neglect

  • sexual violation

  • anxiety, depression, and so much more.


If you've been struggling through hard times on your own and are ready to get unstuck and equipped with the tools to create the life you'd love to live, I'd welcome the opportunity to support you. 


Currently working with clients via telehealth

A growing number of people are opting for telehealth to meet their mental health care needs. Busy professionals, parents without childcare, persons who are immunocompromised, and teens juggling school & extracurricular activities are just a few client groups who greatly benefit from this convenient, highly-effective form of psychotherapy. I have worked remotely with clients for years and I'm constantly in awe of the powerful, connected virtual healing space we create together addressing all issues from anxiety to trauma recovery.


Areas of Focus




Does everyone refer to you as the 'responsible one'? Do you avoid your feelings or get overwhelmed by them? Is it easier to care for others than to care for yourself? Do you have incredibly high standards for yourself that leave you feeling defeated? Do you use food or other unhealthy coping habits to get through the day? If you are tired of living under pressure and dissatisfied, it may be time to shine a caring light on yourself with some personal healing work. Individual therapy is an opportunity to unburden yourself from the expectations and unhealthy relationship patterns that keep you feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Personal recovery empowers you to claim your voice, set boundaries, have healthier relationships, live your  purpose, and so much more. 


Repairing relationships starts by doing our own inner work. You’ll have the space to reflect on how you show up in relationships and identity ways you’ve  learned to protect yourself as a result of past traumatic experiences. The work is deep and freeing as we uncover your inner 'relationship rule book'- the unconscious beliefs that run the ways you relate to others. These 'rules' can be harmful as they are often outdated and rooted in unhealed pain. Doing your work empowers you to set boundaries without the guilt, identify your needs and communicate them to others, trust your gut when encountering unsafe people, and so much more. You build the inner resources that let you feel confident & worthy of the kind of intimacy you want. You’ll gain tools to have a real, connected relationship with yourself and those you invite into your life.


Teens &
Young Adults

The teen and early adult years are a great time for self-discovery & awareness. There are also big life transitions and decisions that often leave young people feeling anxious, confused, &  overwhelmed. I provide a secure and nonjudgmental space to both heal and thrive during this pivotal time. You get to focus on what matters most to you— and I help you develop essential skills like managing your emotions, building healthy relationships, ending self-criticism and comparisons, stress reduction skills, grow self compassion, and so much more. This therapeutic support builds your  self-worth from the inside out, empowering you to face the ups-and-downs of life with confidence and clear thinking. You're empowered to embrace your true self and create a healthy, fulfilling life ahead.


Anxiety & Panic

If you have a low tolerance for uncertainty, feel like you can't make mistakes, struggle with decisions, obsessive thoughts, unrelenting worries, or phobias, you may have an anxiety disorder. It's highly beneficial to address anxiety that has escalated beyond everyday stressors. Constant, unchallenged anxious thoughts take a toll on your physical body, cause you to withdraw from life, and reinforce a self-defeating mindset. Therapy can help you uncover the underlying causes of your worries and fears; learn how to relax; look at situations in new, less frightening ways; and develop better coping and problem-solving skills. This work is ideal if you struggle with shyness and social anxiety. You'll learn easy, step-by-step techniques for calming the body and mind in an increasingly overstimulated world.


Faith-based Counseling

When facing turbulent life events, integrating and strengthening your faith may be the missing piece in finding proper treatment. Christian counseling is a therapy focus area centering on intertwining the disciplines of faith and psychology to provide an approach to mental and emotional health that is strengthened by spiritual teachings and perspectives.  I find that it is a great way to better serve those who identify with the Christian faith to process through their struggles, find meaningful ways of coping, and recognize their faith as one of their most vital life resources. If this is something that you feel you would like to pursue, please let me know. I make it a high priority to respect my clients and I want to provide the most appropriate counseling method to each one.


Childhood Trauma

The word trauma describes highly distressing events that are emotionally painful, overwhelming, and impossible to safely navigate alone. Surviving abuse, neglect, rejection / abandonment, and other Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have been linked to higher rates of anxiety, depression, self harm, PTSD, ADHD, addiction, and relationship difficulties. I offer a safe space where you can begin to unburden the negative beliefs, physical and emotional unrest, dissociation, and defense mechanisms resulting from trauma injuries. Your ability to heal is powerful. It puts an end to the generational legacy of deep hurt and outdated survival strategies. A difficult past doesn’t have to cast a shadow over your future. Healing your childhood trauma unlocks presenceself-compassion, peace, optimism, productivity, &  renewed appreciation for life.

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