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The Inner Critic is a Misguided Cheerleader

Want to quiet your inner critic? Invite it in for tea.

The inner critic is often misunderstood as a harsh and unrelenting force solely aimed at abusing and berating us. In reality, this internal manager aims to protect our best interests, hopes, and dreams. It takes on a critical tone because it observed how external critical voices from authority figures, institutions, and cultural influences captured our attention and spurred us into action. In essence, the inner critic is a well-meaning yet misdirected guide, nudging us towards our aspirations.

Rather than pushing the inner critical voice away, a more helpful approach is to "invite it in for tea," as my mentor wisely suggests. Listen to what it has to say, acknowledging its fears, doubts and concerns. Then, gently provide the update that you are actively addressing what matters to you. Assure your inner critic that you are taking responsible steps toward your dreams and goals. As it witnesses your commitment and self-directed approach, the inner critic happily supports your leadership as you shape the course of your life's ambitions with confidence and resilience.

Ultimately, you hold the power to redirect and renegotiate with the inner critic. With compassion and curiosity you can transform internal criticism from a relentless adversary into an ally working in harmony with your aspirations. Redirecting its energy, you harness the motivating force to move towards your dreams with a newfound sense of self-compassion, purpose, and far more feel-good moments.

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